Former Pfizer employee confirms the patent for the Chinese version of the Pfizer vaccine lists graphene oxide as a key component

The whistleblower also says graphene is not listed in the U.S. patent because it is a trade secret of both Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Graphene oxide has important electrical properties which makes it subject to manipulation via electromagnetic frequencies of the 5G network. It is also a known toxin. According to Karen Kingston, the former employee of Pfizer, boosters will be required to determine how much graphene oxide individuals can tolerate to create an interface between humans and the internet.

Graphene being organized under an electromagnetic frequency.

This is not being disclosed to the vaccinated and constitutes a violation of informed consent in what is essentially human subject experiments. Think here about the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments administered to Blacks between 1932 and 1972. Side effects appear to be blood clotting, destruction of platelets, and myocarditis. Reminiscent of the Nazis hypothermia experiments at the death camps.

5 thoughts on “Former Pfizer employee confirms the patent for the Chinese version of the Pfizer vaccine lists graphene oxide as a key component”

  1. The poison jab is a self assembling computer chip, more like a RIsc chip. The hydra are already proofed ,in that their nervous system is mapped out and their bioluminescence clearly indicates photon s in signaling. After attaching to micrometal discs the individual hydra may be instructed to die ,hences forming a superconducting connection from the graphenated hydra shell. The hydra are the construction bots . The mRNA dies at first appear to be for creating a false pandemic but the actual coding may be relevant,or part relevant to the hydra graphene interface.
    Either way there appears to be a future timetable for an activation of the injections novel and toxic ingredients.
    I believe the thing needs to assemble itself and that will take place through the phone and comms system. Another devlish choice is…. Maybe…..we will have to switch off our phones and internet until the networks and data centres are de infected.

    1. That sounds consistent with technology analyst Karen Kingston who states the
      patents on the vaccines could be used for surveillance in which a person’s vital are always available to those who would monitor us. Edward Snowden also hints at the existence of such technology, and the other “life form” in the vaccine solution appears to be aluminum and carbon based.

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