White Nationalism? What a bunch of horse manure.

First off folks, most of the so-called “White Nationalists” protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee are southerners. That means they are most likely of Scotch-Irish heritage. Calling them “White Nationalists” is sort of like calling a Pawnee, Lakota Sioux, or Cheyenne a bunch of Indians. It’s just wrong. The Scotch of course were once organized into clans until the battle of Culloden on April 16, 1746. This defeat of the Scotch was meted out by Duke Cumberland, the son of George II. Needless to say, this massacre of Scottish highlanders left an indelible mark on the psyche of the Scotch, and the Scotch-Irish that would establish plantations in Ulster. Once racked rented in Ulster, they then migrated to America, landed at Philadelphia and then matriculated down the backside of the Appalachians. Their displeasure with centralized English rule no doubt contributed to their overwhelming presence in George Washington’s army like that of Henry Knox who would become the first Secretary of War after the 1776 Revolution. I’ve met few Scotch-Irish who did not detest centralized government that sought to rein in their way of life. Needless to say their suspicions of English rule, and hatred of all things called King George, led to their wholehearted participation in the 1776 Revolution. It no doubt precipitated the civil war as well. You can understand why plantation owners fought for the South, but why did the yeoman? The Scotch-Irish common farmer bristled at having the central government telling him what to do. It was clearly ethnic heritage, and not race. It harkened back to the battle of Culloden and allowing the English telling them what to do. They didn’t accept it then, and they will not accept it now. The so-called “White Nationalists” could benefit from studying their heritage, that clearly shows they are a product of history. A unique heritage of opposition to centralized authority that benefited the United States greatly, and forms the heart of conservatism’s principle of limited government enshrined in the Constitution.


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