War Watch:

The latest: North Korea prepares missile for strike on U.S. mainland. In my opinion, this crosses Trump’s red line. North Korea should be taken off the geopolitical map. Kim has just called you out Mr. Trump. Certainly, if Hiroshima and Nagasaki resulted from an effort to save American lives, taking North Korea off the map would serve the same purpose, but it should be done in concert with South Korea and Japan. Both South Korea and Japan have the technical ability to arm themselves with nuclear weapons to provide for their own defense, and they should be allowed to. That will definitely get the attention of the Chinese and goad them into action. There are simply no painless solutions to Kim’s nuclear weapons program. Bite the bullet and act before the nut job has a fully capable ICBM system in place. And act to save your credibility. Which is to say, make clear there will be no Neville Chamberlains this time around. I am sure appeasement does not work, and it was proven under the Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes.


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