Civil War . . .

red bannerGee, does this remind you of the Sparticists?

“We either have free speech or we have blood in the streets,” explains Stefan Molyneux, conforming what I’ve also said which is that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter censorship targeting conservative voices is actually a root cause of the escalation of all this violence and social unrest. The radical Left believes that conservative voices have no right to be heard (and no right to even win elections). The Left’s open goal is the complete extermination of White culture (and conservative cultures) in America. In essence, the Left is calling for cultural extermination, yet crying out that they are somehow the victims in all this.–Natural News, August 12, 2017

We are close to civil war. Which, I think, makes a preemptive attack upon North Korea an even greater probability. Communists vs. Protestant Americans, that amounts to religious warfare between Judaism and Protestantism, remembering always that Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Rosa Luxemburg, etc., etc. were Jewish.

Indeed, it has been the Jewish American community that pushed illegal immigration with the Latino Congressional Caucus to circumvent national sovereignty. This being nothing but a replay of the street fighting of post World War I between Germans and the Sparticists. Again, masterfully manipulated by the Khazarian Mafia banksters to divide and conquer the American polity, as they did German society.

Like post World War I Germany we are also seeing targeted assassinations, like that of conservative Steve Scalise. The purpose of this manipulation is of course to drive American society mad like that of Nazi Germany . . . and it looks like they are succeeding with their tyranny of political correctness. Was it really necessary to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, an important figure in one of the most significant events of American history?

The people behind the scenes doing the manipulation of fomenting violence know exactly what they are doing. They know history and the cultural predilections of the Scotch-Irish who will not accept political correctness and being lectured to by a bunch of communists, any more than Germans were going to listen to Rosa Luxemburg and Walther Rathenau. Reigniting the wars of religion under the guise of political ideologies is a fig leaf, and fools no one, least of all Presbyterians that made the American revolution.

In fact the person behind Black Lives Matter (BLM), George Soros, was a former Nazi collaborator in Hungary. According to the Washington Times, George Soros has given BLM $33 million, a not insignificant sum. The more American society cracks up, the greater the desire for military action abroad to divert American attention from the realization we don’t like each other much.

Yes, go to war and institute a universal draft, and you will quickly discover who is American and who is not. There will not be peace in our lifetime. I even believe the banksters most likely have their next Adolf tuning up in the wings. And just as Adolf co-opted the Munich Beer Hall movement of Anton Drechsler and Ernst Roehm, I’m sure the Illuminati are grooming some guy to co-opt Trump’s social movement. Like I said, “you are going to love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Yes, it is Apocalypse Now.


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