Why total war . . .

The Democrats, sycophants to the Rothschilds, wanted war with Russia, but it now looks more likely it will be war with China.

China has said if North Korea attacks us first, they will remain “neutral”. This is of course hogwash, as stated previously. What is true is that if we strike first, China will intervene. They fully expect us to strike before North Korea has developed a deterrent. Use your common sense dear readers. We didn’t allow missiles in Cuba, and we aren’t going to allow a dodgy character like Kim Jong Un to have them either.

Because we know that China knows we are going to strike first, we have informed Xi Jinping that Monday we will open an investigation of their trade practices, that will inevitably lead to higher customs on their goods. What happens next is what will most likely lead to global warfare.

The Chinese will most likely sell off U.S. bonds, thereby tanking the dollar and raising interest rates much higher. I don’t blame the Chinese, we have been paying them with worthless scrip while they have been sending valuable tangible goods to the U.S. When they sell off the dollar by selling our bonds, this will be catastrophic for our economy, indeed the world economy.

At that point the gloves will be completely off, and we’ll be fighting bare knuckles for our survival.

That means we will be sending the Rods of God or kinetic energy weapons towards Chinese cities, if not nuclear weapons. At that point Vladimir Putin will have to decide upon his plan of attack, whether to remain neutral or invade the Baltics and Moldova and the Ukraine. Thanks to the U.S. Congress, Putin’s choice seems clear–intervene on behalf of the Shanghai Cooerpation Organization.

Do they invade Poland and Germany?

Maybe Poland. But they’ll attack their old nemesis the Germans, who themselves have been arming on the sly as they did before World War II with the help of our “good friends” the Israelis. To win I think will take a total mobilization of American society, and destroy forever globalism nonsense. It will be everybody for their own national interests when push comes to shove.

This is the closest thing to an out for an insolvent sovereign state like the United States. Again, not an accident, but willfully planned by the Khazarian Mafia banksters and their lax monetary policy which was used to foster speculative activity within the U.S. Total war is proof we have absolutely no intention of ever reapaying our debt obligations. Very similar to the Germans reneging on their debts and stiffing American investors in German bonds from around 1938. In this case, “we be stiffing” the Chinese who are our largest creditors holding in excess of a $trillion in U.S. treasuries. In a phrase, the U.S. is charging the Chinese a monetary seigniorage–an inflation tax. For example, say the Chinese have a ounce of gold and exchange that gold for dollars. They receive so many dollars, say about $1290 dollars for an ounce of gold. However, if in the future you exchange $1290 and receive less than an ounce of gold, you have paid a tax since your $1290 no longer purchases an ounce of gold. What the Chinese experience when they exchange goods embodying capital and labor for a certain amount of dollars, but later cannot purchase the same amount of labor and capital for the dollars previously received for goods and services. When that occurs, the Chinese have paid essentially an inflation tax, and this is generally the trend in the debasement of the dollar. Yes, everything is in motion, but nothing ever changes. We will all love the smell of “napalm in the morning.” If we win, “c’est la vie.” If we lose, well all those immigrants that didn’t get out of the country while the gettin’ was good get to pay off our debts to the Chinese. And there you have it folks, why most of the world detests the United States, we’re charging them a monetary seigniorage for the use of the petrodollar which buys less and less energy over time–and of course, less gold over time. Why by the way Moammar Khadafy wanted to move to a gold dinar to settle gold trades for Libyan oil. For that faux pas, we murdered the poor guy.


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