Like Pearl Harbor, we are goading the N. Koreans into war

Remembering today’s nuclear devices are hundreds of times more powerful than those dropped on Japan. Indeed Russia has nuclear devices that would blow Texas away in a single strike. So why are our psychopath elite so intent upon ramping up sanctions on Russia, for what is an obvious fairy tale thought up by Democrats to cover up a murder and frame the Russians for hacking our election, that has now resulted in these harsh economic sanctions? I would submit it would seem, since it is so irrational, that our ruling elite appears to be inviting a strike upon U.S. territory to cull the so-called useless eaters. A real indication why people like Hillary Clinton referred to Trump voters as the deplorables, and why progressives and other liberal whack jobs have been amping up hate of White people.–Perry Taka, August 10, 2017

The U.S. Military-Industrial-Security Complex (MISC) needs a war to justify its gargantuan budget, which is really just a mechanism for the transfer of wealth from the 90 percent to the top .001 percent. It is what Marx referred to as the primary mode of production of late capitalism, that works hand in hand with the Khazarian Mafia banksters. They get their pound of flesh from the American people through the stealth tax of inflation, since they do not raise taxes necessary to pay for their military adventurism. It is the primary means of squeezing surplus value out of the new peasantry, through false-flags, terrorism, and wars. As Operation Gladio of the CIA describes it: to place the population in a perpetual state of tension, that allows the MISC to concentrate power in the state, and justifies the surveillance of the domestic population, 24/7. The boot of the state firmly placed on every citizen’s face. And in the final analysis, well, it is simply class warfare against the “useless eaters” or deplorables. We are in the end game–the culling of the world’s population. It could have occurred in Syria, Iran, the Ukraine, but the North Koreans will provide the pretext for ramped up military expenditures, a renewal of the permanent war economy–or the endless conflict between East Asia, Eurasia, and Oceania.


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