The Nation nails it . . .

Author Patrick Lawrence assembles the findings of months of investigation by forensic computer experts and former NSA officials to conclude, quite categorically, what Breitbart News and other independent media outlets have suggested for nearly a year: there was no hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) by the Russian government or anyone else last summer. An internal leaker is a much more likely source of the confidential internal DNC emails that upended the presidential campaign season when they became public last June.

It is a cover-up story for the murder of Seth Rich, and to explain away the Democrat’s sorry loss to Donald J. Trump. The only one who knows precisely what happened to Seth Rich is Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, and perhaps Rich’s conduit, Kim Dotcom. But such nonsense has now led to sanctions on Russia that brings us just one step closer to war with Vladimir Putin. If his economy begins to suffer at all from these daft sanctions resulting from the bogus Russia hack meme, I think Russia will strike first and ask questions later. And Russia may very well act while we are preoccupied in the Far East. FDR passed his sanction on Japan in July of 1941, and by December Japan attacked us. Which is what, I maintain and author Robert Stinnett, Rooservelt wanted, a pretext to enter World War II after the Krauts reneged on their loans during the interwar period. They picked on Japan because of its culture, that will not tolerate loss of face. By the way the same logic being used upon Kim Jong Un.


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