Erase N. Korea from the geopolitical map

They either give up their nuclear arms or face extinction. But what is important: the world must see that we mean exactly what we say, if the U.S. wishes to remain the hegemon of the 21st century? Even better let’s put it to the voters as a referendum. I don’t really think the American people understand that U.S. war doctrine changed during the George W. Bush administration, to a first strike doctrine–and not simply retaliatory. We will go to war preemptively with another country that is a threat. We have only one stick and that is our military–SO WE NEED TO USE IT–not in half measures, but in full “fire and fury” so our adversaries understand the costs of crossing us. We should never negotiate with a half-wit like Kim Jong Un. He is bad for world business, and we should take him OUT! Now that he has opened his mouth, the President has to follow through to restore the credibility of the United States. The costs of this action will be later, when Putin and Xi have to decide what they are going to do. This is why forcing Russia into the Chinese orbit is such a bad idea by using economic sanctions. It has been our asinine actions (i.e., the neoconservatives) in the Ukraine that convinced Putin to abandon the petrodollar completely, and China’s purchase of gold as they too move away from the dollar, a fiat piece of crap not worthy of the moniker being money. This dear readers is the fault of the Khazarian Mafia banksters who rightly should have been jailed after 2008, just like the banksters in Iceland. At the top of the list should be Lloyd Blankfein. Yes, Trump, you should drain the swamp but it appears you are more of a swamp-creature than you let on during your campaign.


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