What you can prepare for . . . eyewitness account of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Stafford Warren, first Dean of the UCLA School of Medicine, Chief of the Medical Section of the Manhattan Engineering District (MED). He witnessed the following at Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

Very large numbers of person were crushed in their homes and in the buildings in which they were working. Their skeletons could be seen in the debris and ashes for almost 1,500 meters from the center of the blast, particularly in the downwind directions.

Large numbers of the population walked for considerable distances after the detonation before they collapsed and died.

Large numbers developed vomiting and bloody and watery diarrhea (vomitus and bloody fecees were found on the floor in many of the aid stations), associated with extreme weakness. They died in the first and second weeks after the bombs were dropped.

During this same period deaths from internal injuries and from burns were common. Either the ehat from the fires or infrared radiation from the detonations caused many burns, particularly on bare skin or under dark clothing.

After a lull without peak mortality from any special causes, deaths began to occur from purpura, which was often associated with epilation, anemia, and a yellowish coloration of the skin. The so-called bone marrow syndrome, manifested by a low white blood cell count and almost complete absence of the platelets necessary to prevent bleeding,w as probably at its maximum beTween the fourth and sixth weeks after the bombs were dropped.

Remembering today’s nuclear devices are hundreds of times more powerful than those dropped on Japan. Indeed Russia has nuclear devices that would blow Texas away in a single strike. So why are our psychopath elite so intent upon ramping up sanctions on Russia, for what is an obvious fairy tale thought up by Democrats to cover up a murder and frame the Russians for hacking our election, that has now resulted in these harsh economic sanctions? I would submit it would seem, since it is so irrational, that our ruling elite appears to be inviting a strike upon U.S. territory to cull the so-called useless eaters. A real indication why people like Hillary Clinton referred to Trump voters as the deplorables, and why progressives and other liberal whack jobs have been amping up hate of White people.

However, I’ve got news for the loony left. All out nuclear war will target major population concentrations, which are urban cities, where minorities have become in some instances the majority. Take Chicago and Los Angeles for example.


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