Trump incendiary rhetoric on N. Korea places his credibility in question

Fire and Fury? In foreign policy you do not make threats unless you are prepared to back them up, as in the present case with military action. You either now act or lose credibility around the world, and perhaps challenged by another rogue state like Iran. Mr. President you have to put-up or now shut-up. First, N. Korea is now a legitimate threat, and Japanese intelligence, which because of proximity and culture is more accurate than our own dodgy intelligence, estimates that N. Korea can indeed launch an ICBM with a nuclear warhead. The neocons, which the president appears to have become, believe we can win a nuclear conflict with a preemptive first strike, and that should be done before 2018 when N. Korea will have even greater capability. Yes, the United States can and should erase N. Korea from the political map. That is the easy part. The hard part comes after our preemptive attack upon N. Korea there will be a nuclear arms race all around the world, that will increase world instability exponentially. Just looking at the mess historically, N. Korea must get the United States to invade the Korean peninsula. Which would resemble another Vietnam. Like our nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, taking N. Korea off the map will save American lives and provides the justification for preemptive nuclear action. In all things nuclear, it is the fallout after the attack and what Russia and China do that will matter. This should please Wohlstetter’s weenies who also wish to nuke Vladimir Putin, and nuking N. Korea might just get a rise out of Vlade that he will decide to act first like Japan did in World War II. This is the fallout if we were to nuke N. Korea. It will not deter, but force Vlade to land the first punch.


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