Globalism is biggest threat to the world, as the prior blurb shows

The globalists are intent upon destroying political accountability, by allowing foreigners to vote in our elections. To say nothing of people disloyal to the United States because of globalist philosophy. However, if the U.S. goes to war, I do not think globalism will be tolerated. And this in and of itself, provides the nationalists with a pretext for going to war–TO END GLOBALISM. A universal conscription is necessary to expose the globalist fallacy. Will Mexicans die for the country? Will Frenchmen die for their place of residence? Will basically foreigner globalists volunteer to go to the 38th parallel in Korea? I don’t think they will. To die for this country requires commitment, and when push comes to shove they will balk when their actual lives are in the balance. So my advice to the President and Steve Bannon: TAKE THE COUNTRY TO WAR, and in the process sort out real Americans from the free riders. In particular, because the Democrat globalists have been so hot to trot for war with Russia, if we have to go to war with the Russkies, the first persons drafted should be the globalists. I think you will see so many globalist rats attempting to get out of the country, there’ll be gridlock at the airports. So yes, let’s go to war, the sooner the better, and have a universal draft to boot–especially programmers from Silicon Valley. And as I’ve written, you defend the loyalists and leave California and Illinois to fend for themselves. The best part of this plan is not to get rid of the Mexicans, but insuring they do not get out, and then draft them. And anyone caught fleeing will be sent to FEMA camps, for the duration of the war. Yes, Dear Trumper, that is how you should look at war, not keeping people out, but keeping them in. Recall what the life expectancy of a new recruit in Vietnam was. For the first year of duty, the chance of perishing was around 2 percent. For the second year of service it rose to 4 percent. I’m just guessing, mind you, but North Koreans will put up a much fiercer fight once we have to invade, and then China will have to decide whether it can tolerate the U.S. to be on their border? I think, like the first Korean War, the Chinese will not tolerate our presence so close to them, and like the last time we crossed the Yalu River, we will be met by thousands of Chinese from the People’s Liberation Army. And just as importantly, nationalists in the country will rally to your side, and crush the Democrats in 2020. Think about it? Yes, every warmonger that has ever lived in the states can be drafted to fight–especially those of a globalist persuasion.


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