California Commiecrats now eating their own

California Commiecrats are now attacking people like Anthony Rendon, Assembly Speaker, because he tabled SB562 a measure to create a single-payer healthcare system run by the state of California. Rendon, who I have no love for, however was simply doing the right thing, because such a measure would have crippled the finances of the state, and proponents of the bill provided little insight to how such a system would be funded. But when it comes to hairbrained globalist nonsense, California Commiecrats have no peer. And now Rendon is being portrayed as a traitor by the Commiecrats. Where do the Commiecrats find these half-wits that populate their party? A complete failure by the state’s education system I suspect. In fact, people around the country have had just about enough of Calfornia’s Commiecrats, that there is even a fellow named Paul Ray, Rep. (R) Utah, willing to sponsor California’s secession movement to rid the country of California Commiecrats. Enough is enough. My own opinion is that the Federal Government needs to set up a pale, or federal area of protection for those who remain loyal to the country, and allow the rest of California Commiecrats to pursue their imitation of Venezuela. Yes, the Venezuelans wanted a commie-nirvana, but instead got a lesson in reality that you cannot have social insurance bought with other people’s money. It is always the same routine with the commies: 1) first, they buy votes promising goodies that they themselves cannot pay for, 2) they then borrow money to achieve those goals, and 3) finally they end up defaulting when what they have promised to buy with votes cannot be serviced out of a collapsing economy and falling income that undermines tax revenues. In the case of California that day of reckoning will arrive with a collapse of bond market bubble, that Alan Greenspan predicts is just around the corner. And as the bond bubble goes so will the stock market and real estate. Remembering always that the state of California is dependent upon capital gains and the stock market for the greater part of their tax revenues. The Khazarian Mafia banksters are attempting to hold back the water, but like the little Dutch boy, he’s going to drown when the dam breaks. In a word, California’s prosperity revolves around lax monetary policy (now being tightened by the Fed), and not actual production.


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