FBI finds incriminating evidence on Seth Rich computer

The DC police took Seth Rich’s computer, but couldn’t get past his password.] So they call the FBI cyber unit.

The Feds get through [the password-protection on Rich’s computer], and here’s what they find. This is according to the FBI report.

What the report says is that – sometime in late spring or early summer – he [Rich] makes contact with WikiLeaks. That’s in his computer.

They [the FBI] found what he [Rich] had done was he had submitted a series of documents – of emails, of juicy emails – from the DNC.–National Sentinel, August 3, 2017

Whether the source of the DNC email leak was by IT Irmran Awan or Seth Rich will have to be sorted out. But there is absolutely no doubt what the Democrat globalists are up to? They were selling classified information compromising the national security of the United States, because as globalists they want to see the U.S. fail in its policies. Obviously, the FBI investigation needs to be widened to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz before she has an opportunity to flee to Israel. Her passport should be confiscated by the courts as a flight risk to evade criminal prosecution. Why so silent Zionist Fourth Estate on these developments? Indeed the question might be how much collusion was there between the DNC and the Zionist Fourth Estate to suppress these findings by the FBI? Again there was no Russia hack of the DNC servers, and it is also a fact that the DNC refused to turn over their computers to the FBI for inspection, relying instead on CrowdStrike a cyber firm with close ties to Hillary Clinton via Google and Eric Schmidt who just happened to work on Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Clearly, a conflict of interest that went unreported in the main stream press.


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