What is Trump up against . . . ?

Most assuredly, the three legs of the New World Order: 1) The City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia banksters and MI6; 2) The Fourth Reich bureaucratic corporatist super state of the European Union, run primarily from Berlin, the remnants of the old Nazi/I.G. Farben fascist conglomerate; 3) the U.S. Military-Industrial-Security Complex financed by the Federal Reserve, a private cartel of banksters run for the purpose of imposing a system of debt slavery–I referred to as neofeudalism. These are the social forces that rule the world today. Up until BREXIT and the election of Donald J. Trump they were on a roll, amalgamating most of the world in so-called trade pacts (NAFTA, TPP, TTIP), which were not really about trade but about stripping the masses of any right of self determination, i.e., bypassing national accountability through referendum. Here the European Union with its cadre of unelected technocrats taking orders from Berlin was the preferred model. With virtually unlimited pecuniary resources, globalists progressed by 1) bribing and paying off politicians, 2) indoctrination of the young at institutions of higher education, 3) the cooption of the press by elements of the Zionist Fourth Estate like Reuters, and the New York Times. In total then, this is the Matrix that controls class consciousness, but with all their resources resistance still surfaced to their efforts because when one looked objectively it was nothing but class warfare of a new technocratic aristocracy against the people in which surplus value was extracted through debt slavery, and the extra-economic coercion of the state’s monopoly upon violence. But as von Mises might intone, all credit induced expansions eventually collapses with the collapse of currencies from unchecked money printing. The reality, and not the hype, is that the world financial system is bankrupt, and sovereign states are progressively becoming insolvent, and the only response on the part of the globalists is to continue to print money. The novelty here is that the elites have organized themselves in such gatherings as the Bilderberg meetings, and not the workers or rather the new debt slaves. It is the exact reverse of what the 2nd Internationale envisioned, the organization and solidarity of workers across borders.


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