Wake up time . . .

Tuesday on NBC’s “Today,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-SC) said President Donald Trump told him if North Korea continues its intercontinental ballistic missiles tests there will be a war ” to destroy North Korea’s program and North Korea itself.”

Dear president, what makes you think that the North Koreans do not already have your red line trigger? And secondly, what makes you think that China will tolerate having U.S. troops on territory next to their country? Silly boy. For example, Germany unbeknownst to almost everyone has produced the detonators and missiles, and then use the proxy of Israel for their supply of nuclear fissionable material to construct nuclear weapons. That is at least the suspicion since West Germany was believed to have funded the Dimona reactor in Israel. The second question is what did the Germans get in return for their help? I suspect the weapons grade plutonium to build their own nuclear weapon. But for obvious political reasons, such information is kept mum. I personally have little doubt that the Germans could build a weapon in a heart beat. And Germany does need to be armed to keep Russia at bay. As for going to war with North Korea, it will be disastrous for Seoul South Korea, and Tokyo. In fact, Japanese citizens like billionaires in the United States are gobbling up nuclear hardened bunkers to ride out a nuclear strike. Californians might wish to do the same. The good news is that the folks in sunny LaLaLand won’t know what hit them because there will be little warning, as the Zionist Fourth Estate feeds the lemmings happy talk to keep them dumbed down and clueless. For example, most Americans are completely oblivious to how close we are to war with Russia, that poses a much bigger threat than the North Koreans.


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