Forget the noise, Russia sanctions are acts of war and Putin is on a war footing

“The intensity of the alliance’s operational and combat training is increasing. The alliance’s BALTOPS 2017 and Saber Strike 2017 large-scale exercises are currently underway near the Russian borders. Taking part in them are more than 10,000 military servicemen, more than 70 warships and auxiliary vessels and about 70 aircraft, including B-52 strategic bombers. All these developments demonstrate the Western partners’ blatant reluctance to abandon their anti-Russian policy.”–Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu

So Democrats came up with the Russia meme nonsense to cover a blatant murder of Democratic National Committee voter analyst, Seth Rich, who was really the actual leaker of the DNC emails showing collusion between the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. But now the nonsense has escalated into sanctions against Russia’s energy sector, its lifeblood, and the Russians are now preparing for war. These comedy of errors will be worse than the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand that started World War I. Like I proposed, World War III will start with an Electromagnetic Pulse attack over the U.S. which knocks out its electrical grid and electronic components. Then about 50 nuclear weapons will be used to cover the majority of the country’s area. We may very not even get off a shot before it happens, just as the U.S.S. Donald Cook was paralyzed and blinded in the Black Sea in 2014 as Russian jets buzzed the helpless ship. We are definitely headed for war or as Putin is purported to have said: when a street fight is unavoidable, you might as well throw the first punch–you really have nothing to lose. Congress in other words has convinced the Russians we mean them existential harm, and they are not going to simply sit back and watch that happen.

This doctrine throws away the Mutually Assured Destruction concept of warfare and replaces it with a “punch first” ideology that says: “De-escalation of aggression is forcing the enemy to halt military action by a threat to deliver or by actual delivery of strikes of varying intensity with reliance on conventional and/or nuclear weapons”.–“Ivanov Doctrine” (the doctrine was signed into law on December 26, 2014 by Vladimir Putin and represents the work of Moscow’s Deep State)

Hardliners in the Kremlin no doubt are pressuring Vladimir Putin to act first, and not wait around for a deluded Congress unfamiliar with modern warfare. No doubt most of Congress might not even be aware that Mutually Assured Destruction is no longer a prophylactic to nuclear war. If the Russians act first, perhaps as much as 80 percent of the American population will go poof in short order from the initial first strike and subsequent radioactive fallout. This of course is all about business for Russia as it is for the European Union, that needs Russian natural gas from the Caucasus for the survival of their own industry. So let me get this straight for my readers, not only do we force Russia toward the China camp with our Ukraine nonsense, of removing a democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych, we now move Russia and the Fourth Reich in Berlin closer together with our Russia sanctions which targets the destruction of the latter’s oil and gas industry. FUCKING BRILLIANT! Reminds one of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 23, 1939. What a bunch of ass wipes in Congress. Meanwhile, our military still remains engaged in the removal of Bashar al-Assad so that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey can supply natural gas to Europe across Syrian territory, which for obvious reasons the Russians will torpedo. Wouldn’t it be better, dear readers, for the U.S. to simply mind its own business as advised by George Washington and John Quincy Adams, and avoid foreign entanglements. In any event, UCLA’s Bernard Brodie would be aghast that the crazies in the basement, now run U.S. foreign policy–famously known around Bunche Hall as Wohlstetter’s Weenies. Salvador Dali foreign policy–SURREAL.*

*The character of Dr. Strangelove in Kubrick’s movie of the same name or “How I learned to love the bomb,” was based upon Albert Wohlstetter, I was once told. Whatever the case might be, Bernard Brodie who was long considered the American Clauswitz of nuclear strategy, thought Wohlstetter was one brick short of a load, and forced his ouster at the famed RAND think tank in Santa Monica California. Not surprisingly the crazies surrounding him, Wohlstetter’s Weenies, followed him to surprise surprise–The University of Chicago where he infected the second class intellects of their students like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, who then resurface later as executive members of the Bilderberg Group, and then effected the 9/11 equivalent of the Reichstag Burning and the invasion of the Middle East, a plan to change 7 regimes in 5 years–mostly for the benefit of Israel’s Middle East Plan of an empire extending from the Tigris and Euphrates to the Nile. Attibuting 9/11 to al Qaeda terrorists, and not this time to commies. That was the plan, though the timing appears to have been extended by their gross incompetence and grossly false intelligence that claimed Weapons of Mass Destruction in hands of Saddam Hussein–pooh poohed by UNSCOM inspector Scott Ritter. Well today we know there were no WMDs. And now we are attempting regime change in Syria in direct confrontation with Russia. Excuse me. Just thinking about this comedy tickles my funny bone, if not for the fact such shenanigans might get the world annihilated. John Kenneth Galbraith got it correctly, in my opinion, that our elites are incompetent economically so they busy themselves with foreign policy to provide an element of relevance, when in truth they are just as bad in foreign policy as they are in economics.


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