California legislator Ted Lieu thinks we need talks with N. Korea?

As Niki Haley, the U.N. Ambassador said, “talk is probably over as far as North Korea is concerned.” I wonder. Might North Korea’s successful ICBM missile launch have done something to get California’s attention? Like the fact the Commies can now hit the continental United States, in particular Los Angeles? Since Governor Moonbeam likes to make foreign policy with China, i.e., Climate Change, and the state wishes to secede from the United States, I say let California provide for its own defense. Governor Moonbeam board a jetliner and head directly to Pyongyang and cut some sort of deal not to be attacked by nuclear weapons. It might dawn upon you also that the success of the state’s economy might be directly due to the fact it is under the nuclear umbrella of the dreaded federal government, and not because you are so smart or special. So while you’re at it Governor, also head to Moscow and see if you can prevent Vladimir Putin from nuking you, by convincing the Vlade you’re not a part of the Congress that voted for the Russia sanctions. Yes, that vote was 419-3. I think you’re going to have a hard time convincing Vlade of that nonsense–also the fact that the California delegation makes up a large bloc of Congress. And it is after all the Commiecrats of California who have been pushing the Russia meme that has resulted in sanctions upon Russia’s lifeblood, the oil and gas industry. Dear Moonbeam, just tell Vlade it was all the result of Climate Change, and you were disoriented by too much CO2. In fact, Vlade might be able to solve his problems by not nuking the United States, but by confining his preventive nuclear strategy to Commiecrats in California, home to warmongers Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff. Schiff voted for the Iraq invasion, and Feinstein voted for the Iraq war resolution. Does it happen to be coincidence that both Feinstein and Schiff are of Jewish heritage, and that Israel was the only country to have benefited from the Iraq war? All predicated on the nonexistent fact of weapons of mass destruction reported by that scion of journalistic fakery, Judith Miller of the New York Times, the official mouthpiece or paper of record of the Zionist Fourth Estate. Yes, you can hear it now: anti-Semitism is cried anytime the Jewish American community is confronted by the inconvenient facts. In fact, they lack the moral maturity to participate in a democracy that demands unrestrained discourse, why of course they gravitate toward the political correctness of the Commiecrats. And believe it or not, Jewish Wall Street and Germany’s banking giant the Warburgs funded the Nazi Party. Quite literally an ethnic group that is confused or like Jekyll and Hyde, torn between communism and fascism, and as far as that goes, both totalitarian systems converge in wanting to eliminate democracy and confiscation of real power, the right to own firearms.


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