What do Trumpists want from the Trumper?

Confronted by Republican globalists most of what Trump wishes to accomplish is out of his hands. He has underestimated the extent to which globalism has infiltrated the Republican Party, making it virtually indistinguishable from globalist Democrats. Both are just different wings of the globalist socialist movement. Trump’s supporters grasp this reality. That is, he will not be able to deliver on much of his campaign promises. Those promises await the populist awakening of voters in Arizona, South Carolina, Maine, Alaska, and other red state destinations. Only once the Republicans are made to pay a steep price ignoring the general will of the people can Trump actually succeed in turning around the country. Having said that, what can Trump do that will keep his supporters happy? He can drain the swamp by bringing criminal charges against the swamp critters like Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, James Comey, and Nancy Pelosi, Wall Street executives, the medical professions, et al. The key to Trump being a success in the eyes of his supporters is simple: it is the rule of law. Not just for Commiecrats, but also for dead beat Republicans in name only. No one should be above the law–NO ONE! Free markets and the rule of law go hand in hand, there is not one without the other. Prosecute or risk a real political upheaval. This applies to everyone, including the President himself.


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