Proven right again . . . there was no chance in Hades of repealing the Obamacare mandate

The U.S. under Barack Obama spent its way into insolvency, doubling the national debt. Like any banana republic, which apparently Congress wishes to become, the U.S. will fail . . . well like Germany after 1938. As the U.S. will have to do in the future, the Germans were forced to expropriate property with taxes–particularly upon its Jewish population. To make people fork over their wealth, the U.S. government will require Obama’s individual mandate. Now here’s the good point, if not the Germans then who paid or serviced the gargantuan debt the German government occurred in the interwar period. That is, the solution was to diminish the German’s tax burden, by conquering other countries. So not only did the Germans go to war to loot other countries, the populace benefited from lower taxes, that spurred their support of the Nazis invasion of other countries. Indeed confiscated property, funded about a third of the Nazis war effort. Meanwhile targeted groups, e.g., Jews, as in the Obamacare fiasco were forced to fork over their money to subsidize Germany’s war effort. When the SHTF, which is just a matter of time, our dear depraved leadership will act similarly, to rescue themselves, their careers, and the wealth they have looted from the American people. This was one of the easiest calls of all time: that the GOP would not repeal the Obamacare mandate.


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