And nothing but the truth . . .

The truth is that rebuilding America and restoring its secular trajectory of a higher standard of living conflicts with the Military-Industrial-Security Complex. Donald J. Trump wants to do the former, and the neocons and the globalist foreign relations cabal wish to do the latter. They are simply incompatible objectives because the long run effect of globalist outsourcing and the export of 42,400 factories no longer produces the surplus value or value added to support in higher real wages the tax base required for a permanent war economy. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is that if we wish to have government subsidized health care, housing, and the myriad of other social programs, we must downsize our military sector by pulling out of places like the Middle East, the Ukraine, South China Seas, and the installation of our missiles in Romania and Poland. Not only do such daft actions convince the Russian we mean a preemptive attack upon their country, the more fundamental truth is that we simply cannot afford such charades if we wish to provide our citizens with a high standard of living. The globalist argument is pretty much that the people are expendable, whereas Donald J. Trump says the people should count. If not for the Zionist Fourth Estate’s monopoly and its censorship of other viewpoints, I believe under conditions of unrestrained discourse or nondistorted communication that the people would support Trump and not the globalist interests of empire–which is really a clever mechanism of transferring the nation’s wealth to the top .001 percent.


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