Under the Iran Destabilization Act of 2017, Trump cannot change Russian foreign policy from the Obama era

Specifically, this act says Obama’s executive orders on Russia cannot be removed. For example E.O. 13662

A section of this new law titled SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF PIPELINES IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, this report notes, further orders President Trump to destroy all energy related activities in Russia—with another section titled MODIFICATION OF IMPLEMENTATION OF EXECUTIVE ORDER 13662 stating that President Trump is, also, to begin the complete destruction of Russia’s railways, mining and metal sectors that employ millions.

So with Democrat complicity, the neocons are likely to get their way–though the likelihood of Israel completely vanishing from the face of earth is very high.

Please, dear readers this is a replay of FDR”s sanctions on Japan that brought war. It leaves the Russians no other alternative than to go to war. They,meaning the Russians and Putin, are not going to allow this to happen. Like Japan they will and can act preemptively with one big difference: this Pearl Harbor will mean the end of human civilization–of course except for U.S. officials squirreled away under the Denver Airport in nuclear hardened bunkers. Putin has been telegraphing his intent to defend his nation vigorously. The key here I think is that the Khazarian Mafia banksters believe they will kill two birds with one war. But like all globalists they have underestimated the fallout from ill considered actions.

Sanctions on energy brought on World War II, and so too will it bring on World War III.


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