Do Democrats stand with workers? Hogwash! They supported NAFTA, TPP, and TTIP

Want to prove you stand with workers? Easy. Just renounce free trade. Donald J. Trump is going to mop the floor with socialists that don’t even have a working class base. This is because the Democrats real loyalties lie with Wall Street, the Health Insurance industry, and the Hollywood movie industry. None of whom has the support of working people. Did the Democrats go after Goldman Sachs after the 2008 recession, brought on by securities fraud? The answer: NO. Did they rein in the Health Insurance industry with a public option to hold down healthcare costs? No they did not, and they were in control of the Obama legislation. Finally when it came to actually passing anything that might provide workers with a better chance to organize, the Employee Free Choice Act, Democrats tabled the legislation. The idea that Democrats stand with workers or even stand for anything at all other than being reelected is pure malarkey. As my old teacher Harold Garfinkel might advise, don’t listen to their empty rhetoric, just examine their actions, and when you do that, you see clearly the Democrats are the enemies of working people. And what do we really see? We see that when the working poor finally get someone into higher office, like The Donald, Democrats seek to thwart at every opportunity any opportunity to work with with a champion of the working class? I say go fuck yourselves.


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