More fake news from Rothschild’s owned Reuters

According to a Reuters story, Trump’s support of his base has fallen. But the actual data of the polls shows otherwise.

The poll surveyed voters who already had told Reuturs/Ipsos on Election Day how they had cast their ballots. After several months passed, the poll asked: “If the 2016 presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?”

In May, here’s what Trump voters said:

82 percent Would vote for Trump again
9 percent Would not vote
5 percent Don’t know
4 percent Would vote for others (Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein)

In July, here’s what Trump voters said:

88 percent would vote for Trump again
1 percent would not vote
7 percent don’t know
4 percent would vote for others (Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein)

This is preeminently the manner in which the Zionist Fourth Globalist Estate manufactures fake news, by cooking statistics and data. Also the means by which they concocted the global warming meme unsupported by the data and science. In short, they take the public for cultural dopes that can’t decipher their nonsense. Most importantly global warming was to be the vehicle to bypass national sovereignty and make the United Nations sovereign over CO2 emissions, to undermine industrialism and working class power. The elites or what is really a new version of the aristocracy have always hated the shift in power that occurred with the industrial revolution and the organization of workers into trade unions, to improve the lot of the common man/woman. When dealing with these schemes always think as Bertrand Russell did about the dimension of power–CUI BONO? In this case it meant more power for the new aristocracy–techocrats–and less power for ordinary people since these U.N. regulations bypass the will of national constituencies. Indeed if you examine the Paris Clinate Pact, it is not only a rebalance of class power against workers, but also a redistribution of wealth from the U.S. to the Third World. It was and is a bad deal for Americans, and Brits. The Americans and Brits are the nemeses of the Krauts in two World Wars. They are largely responsible for Germany’s defeat and humiliation. So on one side you have the greatest proponent of globalism, immigration, and global warming being the Germans to the detriment of the Americans and British workers. Should we find this state of affairs unusual? I think not, Germany has not been now, and has never been a country with strong democratic sentiments from the time of Kaiser Wilhelm II. A close examination of the current European Union would unmask the whole enterprise as a German dictatorship that largely benefits the Krauts and no one else. The irony is that France with it proud tradition of democracy has been reduced to a neo-Vichy version of itself, with the Rothschild stooge Emmanuel Macron doubling for Philippe Petain. Which goes to show propaganda does work, and why taking over the press is a prerequisite of all fascists and the path of all political correctness. What the French need is a resistance movement to a new form of German occupation orchestrated from behind the curtain of Brussels. However, the real people pulling the levers are the Krauts on this yellow brick road of globalism.


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