Kamala Harris: the new version of Rosa Luxemburg–just stupider

As a matter of fact, Red Rosa was a keen observer of late financial capitalism, along with Rudolf Hilferding. But as Lloyd Bentsen said of Dan Quail in the 1988 vice presidential debate: (I paraphrase) dear boy you are no Jack Kennedy. I can say affirmatively that Kamala Harris is not a sharp intellect like Red Rosa Luxemburg. Take for example her claim the Republicans are taking our stuff by repealing Obamacare after the latter after all took away the doctors and insurance plan Americans enjoyed previous to Obamacare. And of course, Obama even lied about it when he said we could keep our doctor and healthcare plan if “you like him.” The reality was that millions of Americans lost the health plan they had and liked after Obamacare took effect, and Mr. prevaricator Obama knew it would be so.


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