The money game: DNC in deep doo doo

RCPT $13,504,415
EXP $10,629,234
Cash On Hand $44,707,217

RCPT $5,500,142
EXP $5,702,049
Cash On Hand $7,492,435

The Russia meme is a complete bust. The only ones it benefits are the Rothschilds, to keep their hopes of war with Russia alive. Wake Up! Globalization is also dead social movement walking. People are wising up to the fact it is being directed from Berlin or more accurately Dachau and the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst. Yes that is where the Nazis moved their base of operations after World War II. Just remember the Nazis were not a signatory to the peace treaty that ended that war. Ask yourself this: when the Greeks voted to leave the Eurozone and return to the drachma, did Berlin honor that vote? No they did not. When the Netherlands and France wanted to vote on the Constitution, were they allowed to do so? Again, no. What you have in the European Union is a dictatorship of technocrats in Brussels, but basically beholden to Berlin and the Nazis. Europeans learned absolutely nothing from World War II. As for the Krauts, you can’t really begrudge them. They were wrongly accused of being “solely” responsible for World War I, and punished by the Versailles Treaty. In a sense this is payback for past wrongs. After being driven mad by Khazarian Mafia banksters, financial speculation, and the collapse of the papiermark, trust in Germany collapsed. When a currency collapses that is what happens, the social relations that bind people disintegrate. Consequently, German society went chaotic and the whole country spiraled down into madness. Globalization being nothing but a thinly veiled attack upon the forces of industrialism, perfectly consistent with the one-time views of the Kaiser, and dreaded rise of the working class. Merkel believes Germany can return to the bucolic bliss of the Mittelstand on the backs of European Union workers by amalgamation in which the Germans undercut all other manufacturing, and then the peasants of the other countries buy German vendor financed goods. Haaaaa, what complete malarkey. Yes the standard of progress is whether the masses can purchase more of what they want, whereas the reality of globalism is that the elite are the only ones able to afford the MORE. This by the way is precisely the Democrats dilemma, and why people are no longer contributing to their cause. The masses are not getting more of what they want, while the Wall Street Democrats are eating high off the hog. The evidence for what I argue is probative:
<img src="inequality” alt=”proof” />
Now what is the cautionary tale here? It is the blinded notion that the dollar could not collapse here in the U.S. This is wrong headed. As we have seen, and argued on this blogsite, the only thing levitating the dollar or petrodollar is its exclusive use for the purchase of energy. But as we have seen both Russia and China are moving away from the dollar to settle transactions for their goods and energy. The only way of stopping this move away from the dollar is some form of military action or intervention. Which I think means war with China, while at the same time keeping Russia sidelined. We cannot take on both of them simultaneously. Yet, the globalists (both Democrats and Republicans) are attempting to provoke Russia which will lead the latter into the other camp. If we end up taking on both simultaneously, I believe we will lose the gambit. And if we do nothing, I believe the dollar will collapse and U.S. society will disintegrate as the dollar returns to its true value of $0.00. One reason the banksters are pushing the cashless society is to prevent a run on the banks when the currency plummets in value. That is, ATMs will be shuttered, and vendors and suppliers will no longer be able to rely upon the currency. This will sow distrust, and capitalism will seize up. But perhaps this is precisely what our traitorous politicians desire to usher in the New World Order of feudal debt peonage. Whatever the case, it would appear to be more urgent by the actions of the elite. They as even Forbes Magazine has noted are building and buying nuclear hardened bunkers to wait out some cataclysmic event. They apparently believe the “useless eaters” are now expendable as well. For example:

ELITE UNDERGROUND BUNKERS – Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations?–Investment Watch Blog

Where will you go when pandemonium strikes? Super-rich are buying up underground bunkers and installing panic rooms in luxury apartments to protect against revolutions or natural disasters–Daily Mail

Luxurious underground ‘doomsday’ bunkers are selling out
Experts say numbers of people installing ‘safe rooms’ are increasing
Chambers form whole underground communities in Germany and the US
Each room is supplied with food and water to last for one year if necessary


Something is afoot. The above photograph is of a constructed underground community with bunkers, but also restaurants, hospital, and living quarters. Click on the link to watch a promotional video of one such bunker. Do your own due diligence and prepare as you will. And as always, watch what the elites are doing and don’t listen to what they are saying. They mock survivalists even as they prepare for some sort of apocalypse.


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