More peasant canon fodder . . .

Harvard’s Dani Rodrik, was skeptical about globalization. Rodrik’s book, Has Globalization Gone Too Far?, “sounded an unusual note of alarm” in 1997, according to Saval.

Rodrik, he notes, wrote that the social costs that came with globalization were “high – and consistently underestimated by economists. He noted that since the 1970s, lower-skilled European and American workers had endured a major fall in the real value of their wages, which dropped by more than 20%. Workers were suffering more spells of unemployment, more volatility in the hours they were expected to work.”–Breitbart, July 21, 2017

Real weekly wages peaked in 1973, and have been falling ever since. Indeed, it was academia and crooked statistics that were used to fool the public. This is what the elite largely do, because they lack the argumentative force of the facts, so they in turn cook the facts using academic mercenaries. The hallowed halls of ivy are today filled with mercenary academics that will pander any trash for money. I’ve spent the better part of my own academic life attempting to get their attention. I couldn’t do it, because they are not interested in the facts or truth. It was not until Donald J. Trump came along that the Zionist Fourth Estate and rotten academia was forced to face the reality of what they had wrought upon the working poor. Barack Obama was the point of the spear in this class warfare againt the people. Never again should we be beguiled by a smooth talking huckster who has sold out the country to Germany, and Angela Merkel. At some point in the future Americans will want to settle up accounts with the Krauts–I look forward to it.


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