Immigration hurts the most vulnerable of society

A report released by a media firm backed by left-wing financier George Soros admits that low-skilled immigration hurts America’s middle and working-class.

ProPublica, backed by Soros, released a report where they not only confirmed President Trump’s argument that immigration should be merit-based to help Americans, but also conceded that the last four decades of low-skilled immigration has hurt U.S. workers:

Increased immigration has differing effects depending on education and industry. The National Academies report suggests that some low-skilled workers (such as high school dropouts) who compete with low-skilled immigrants will lose wages and income even as business owners and investors profit from the overall growth in the economy. As Harvard economist George Borjas explains, the people who compete with immigrants are losing out to the people who employ immigrants.–Breitbart, July 21, 2017

My argument exactly. Unregulated immigration places downward pressure on wages for the most vulnerable of American society. Ergo, the claims of Democrats to care about the working poor is completely bogus. What they are up to is stabbing the working poor in the back for the benefit of the .001 percent of the income distribution. In other words, Democrats are waging class war against the American populace. They should never hold the office of the presidency again, if the American populace would pay attention to the reality, and not listen to the lying Zionist Fourth Estate.


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