GOP Lawmakers Blame Trump “Distraction” For Why They’re Getting Nothing Done, Fears Debt Ceiling Debacle

Ha, what a bunch of malarkey. The GOP are no less than the Democrats simply globalists, who have in the past sold out the American people by outsourcing jobs. But they are correct to fear the approaching day of reckoning, the debt ceiling limit. The United States is broke, and can either default directly, or raise the debt ceiling and destroy the dollar through inflation. That is where they have taken the country–to banana countryville. Not only did they want to merge with the South American dead beats, they have even spent the country into the same position as Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. This can be seen by the movement of Chinese using worthless dollars, before they become even more worthless, to buy up the property of the United States. Did our traitorous politicians know about this–you’re damn right they knew. They even encouraged it because they are selling out the country right from under the people. No matter what happens in October, the U.S. is finished, and the Krauts and Chinese know it. The only Trump card left is some form of military action, just as the Nazis surmised in 1938 when they went to war, and reneged on their debts that they had incurred in the interwar period. If they decide to raise the debt limit and print money, or what we used to call monetization of the debt, the U.S. will be dead country walking. Yes we can stumble around and drag one of our legs when we walk, but essentially we’ll be actual economic zombies. The GOP are correct to be scared shitless, when the public finally learns what the crooks in Washington have done the neck-tie parties will finally materialize.


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