Sanity of the day: After doing the math, California abandons economic suicide plan to provide universal health care to everyone

The California Commies finally faced up to a fact: socialism always depends on other people’s money. And having destroyed the robustness of the California economy through over-regulation, interventions into labor markets, and global warming malarkey, state legislators discovered they simply do not have enough tax revenues to sustain a socialist healthcare system. They of course could go into more debt by borrowing, but this would be unsustainable like Illinois. As it is presently, the state will go bankrupt because of pension and healthcare obligations. You would simply be condemning future generation for the benefit of the present one. And this is the problem with every California Commie, that they are indeed willing to sacrifice the future for the present to ensure their reelection. This is the dilemma of every banana republic that has ever existed. Whether they be Mexican, Venezuelans, or Puerto Ricans they do not take responsibility of the politico to act responsibly with an eye to the consequences of their actions. They simply lack Protestant discipline and almost always resort to Catholicism lack of discipline. Why it is just a fact that pretty much every Catholic Commie state ends up bankrupt, and indebted and loses control over their own destiny to a pack of Jewish banksters. The irony being they end up blaming the lenders and do not take responsibility for their own actions. And that sums up in a nutshell my take on Jesuit Governor Moonbeam. Their decision to face up to the consequence of their actions, shows at least, they are finally entering adulthood. I am willing to guess, the sobering catastrophe of Illinois has had an effect on the sine qua non of politics which is “responsibility and accountability”. But the biggest cry babies are the Democrats at the national level. They are still stuck in narcissistic self absorption.


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