Meta-data analysis points to download of DNC files with a USB drive

A newly released meta-data analysis of Democratic National Committee files by Forensicator that were eventually published by the Guccifer 2.0 persona were not “hacked” by “Russians” but instead were most likely downloaded locally by someone who had physical access to the DNC’s computer system, and its USB drive.

The findings provide additional evidence that someone within the DNC — like murdered staffer Seth Rich, for example — was responsible for stealing very sensitive and damaging internal information that was later passed on to others including Wikileaks, to be released to the public online.–, July 12, 2017

Get real dear readers, the Democrats murdered one of their own to use the words of John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chief, “to make an example of the leaker.” Rich was also in contact with internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom who served as an intermediary that moved the DNC documents to WikiLeaks who then published the emails on July 22, 2016. Because I actually think Robert Mueller works for Hillary we’ll have to see whether Mr. Mueller questions Kim Dotcom in the Seth Rich murder that directly bears on the Russia hack meme. If I’m right about Mr. Mueller Kim Dotcom will not be summoned to testify. It is becoming very clear that Donald J. Trump is really without much power, and the Deep State and the globalists are back in control, alongside the Military-Industrial-Security Complex (MISC). These are the twin laws of Taka, thou shall not mess with the Federal Reserve and the MISC. Because this is the primary mechanism by which surplus value is squeezed from the dumbed down populace to the .001 elite. It is in truth a feudal mode of production using the extra-economic coercion of the state to squeeze surplus from what are becoming quasi-peasants.


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