Unable to confront the facts . . .

The International Math and Science Survey
Math scores by subgroup for grade 8
White Black Hispanic Asian
530 465 485 568

Science scores by subgroup for grade 8
553 470 493 556

Does this mean there are not smart Hispanics or Blacks. No nothing of the sort. I knew a George Gonzales while attending UCLA that was in plasma physics. And Mel Oliver, a sociologist is now dean of social science at UCSB. And he was Black.

No, what we are talking about in the above scores is an assessment of the U.S. education system as a whole, which breaks clearly on socioeconomic lines. We have more inequality now than ever before, it does not mean we don’t have smart Blacks or Hispanics.

But I’m not one for making lame excuses and resorting to daft experimental teaching methods, like the so-called new math that I myself was afflicted with. I believe we should return to basics, reading-writing-‘rithmetic, and like the Germans train their young for the real world and real jobs.

That means that not all people necessarily should go to college to become indentured servants after they finish their education. In an industrial society you need mechanics, machinists, programmers, and yes welders. Some of these real world skills do not require a college education.

What the above scores shows most likely is the simple inequality of American society because of precisely deindustrialization promoted by the professional managerial class to boost their take of the produced surplus value, at the expense of the rest of the American population. That’s globalism and the Democrat and Republican agenda.

However, the brains of the Libtards are so addled by identity politics, they no longer think about socioeconomic status. And why they must discredit the goals of one Donald J. Trump to return Americans to what they do best which is production.

You see, if The Donald succeeds it means less for the professional managerial class, and more for the common Joe/Jane. And they don’t want that. This is clearly the purpose of H1B and H2B visas, to lower wages and costs of our corporations, to the neglect of not hiring our young who have been conned into training for these very same positions, but now find themselves unemployed. And yes, The International Math and Science Survey is an accurate scorecard on inequality.


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