Now my post on “medical care” received some responses

The medical entity of which I spoke was Davita, a corporation based in Denver Colorado that provides dialysis for kidney out patients. Since 2012, this organization led by Kent Thiry has paid out almost $1 billion in judgements for doctor kickbacks, over use of such drugs as Epogen, Zemplar, Venofer, and other trespasses. And I would now include discrimination against Trump supporters, as they have come unhinged since the 2016 election. How far will these people go? That’s unclear. What’s perfectly clear is that the bulk of Davita’s profits derive from Medicare and Medicaid–over 60 percent, and the over prescribing of drugs, and their wasteful use, like administering 25 milligrams of a drug and then tossing the rest away yet charging Medicare for the full vial of 100 milligrams. Cute. The bottom line is not patient care, but rather making profits–lots of it. Yes, Trump’s attacks on Medicaid have made them one brick short of a load since they can no longer see they are discrediting the medical profession that hangs on the thinnest of threads which is trust. However, these shoddy medical practices not only existed at my center in Palm Springs, but could also be found at UCLA where Davita also provides dialysis services at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. There I had a dialysis where the cannulator/nurse actually broke the machine, and was clearly inadequately trained to be out in the field. But perhaps this is just endemic to Davita, I don’t know. As the fictional character of Network Howard Beale famously uttered, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”


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