For legal purposes, always keep a written history of shall we say, “suspicious medical care.”

Dear readers, before lawyering-up always document your shoddy medical care. As I’ve told you, my own shoddy care entailed three infiltrations or mis-cannulations by three different people, two of which I later found out to be senior and experienced cannulators. Cannulation is of course the procedure used in dialysis which connects your peripheral arterial access fistula or graft to the dialysis machine. Now last week, I received a cannulation, i.e., that is the placement of the needles, by a person not fully trained or indeed was incompetent. Indeed, I bled out. Not a pretty sight.

This I believe establishes a pattern of questionable medical practice, which is motivated most likely by political correctness, because I am a Trump supporter in Stalinist Communist California. I call upon the Health and Human Services Department and its Secretary Tom Price to investigate such “suspicious” practices. But really violations of the Hippocratic Oath are par for the course in Communist California. The ol’ addage of “do no harm” is no longer practiced by a profession thoroughly captured by socialists and communists–at least in sunny California. The use of botched medical procedures has some plausible deniability, but I believe under questioning by a good lawyer the truth will come out. Even better if the HHS Department investigates the matter and comes up with facts. I just know what has happened to myself, and it has given me pause.

So as always, I advise my readers, to not get mad but to simply lawyer-up–and then sue the medical establishment for all they are worth. Here, I merely wish to have a public document before I retain legal counsel. Just remember what James Comey did after meeting with Donald J. Trump, he immediately went to his car and documented everything that had occurred. Very good advice. Plus it provides something for my worldwide readers to contemplate, since the medical establishment of which I speak is global in nature.

If you’ve had a similar experience with the medical professions send in your email by clicking on the “reply” at the top of the article, and I’ll post them on my blogsite. Or you can write and tell the people at Natural News, that has a much larger readership than my own blogsite. Though I have been heartened by a four-fold increase in my readership of late. Ahhhhh yes, the power of the Alt-press. In fact it would be very good if the Alt-press focused upon the communists that have infiltrated the medical professions beginning with the California Nurses Association. Now the state of California, under California’s Knox-Keene Act (California Health & Safety Code §1340 et seq.) allows disgruntled patients an opportunity to file a complaint against a medical practitioner. But be forewarned, that California political correctness vitiates this patient protection. For example, I complained about a botched biopsy and its subsequent pathology report that listed people who were not even in the room when the biopsy was performed. I questioned its accuracy, and filed a complaint with the Department of Managed Health Care that then surprising replied to me, and sent the complaint to the Department of Labor. What!? Why not send the complaint on to the Department of Health and Human Services? Elementary my dear readers, the Department of Labor is manned by a Democrat Alexander Acosta, the complaint was subsequently squashed. And I suspect Medicare is no better run, and those complaints are also dying on the vine. Trump needs to clean house or nothing he stands for will be implemented.


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