Anti-capitalism? Anti-globalism? Anti-government? Anti-crusaderism?

Take your pick. But the people are not happy. Not contented. And the European Union is recognized to be a total failure, because it is now a technocratic dictatorship fronted by Brussels, but run from Berlin, and DVD in Dachau. We are going to war because our sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will harm both France and Germany, just as our sanctions on Japan’s sources of oil before World War II left Japan with no other choice but to go to war. Before that war the U.S. was forced to round up enemies of the state like Prescott Bush. Today, I would round up the globalists like Paul Ryan, John Brennan, James Comey, Michael Hayden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Schmidt. You cannot go to war with the enemy at your rear. And we will be going to war. You can sense it, palpably feel it. The only question is who will Russia side with?


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