“Never forget?” Krauts pioneered artificial insemination

Yes, one of the Angels of Death left this legacy just for thee–gullible people who have swallowed globalism hook line and sinker. Failing to recognize the diabolical genius of the Germans; a people that gave us Beethoven, Wagner, Kant, Hegel, Marx, and oh yeah, Hitler. And this does not even include people like von Braun, Ernst Mach, Clauberg, Heisenberg, et al. A people that Sigrid Lillian Schultz of the Chicago Tribune described as “never giving up.”

The surest way to undermine the U.S. military. You destroy the production economy upon which it is based for sustenance. You deindustrialize the United States, off-shore jobs, and transfer factories to the far flung regions of the world. Then it is not tax revenues that fund the military extravagance but borrowing that eventually undermines the dollar, contracting effective demand, the wherewithal to purchase goods and services. Trade thus should be seen in the real world as a national security issue, because it undermines the production economy upon which military expenditures derive their sustenance. Slowly but surely the United States will go bankrupt, along with its gargantuan military sector, which is also the largest purchaser of goods and services in the economy. This was the German plan concocted by the Bilderberg Group after World War II to eventually defeat the United States, and they were within a hair breadth of achieving their diabolical goal with the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, negotiated by the Fifth Columnist Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. Donald J. Trump needs to recommit himself to dismantling every trade deal ever negotiated with globalist help, beginning with NAFTA. That means he needs to clean house of traitors like Gary Cohn of the National Economic Council. He needs to take the long view, and see what free trade amounts to in the post World War II period. It’s strategic goal is to defeat the U.S. military without firing a shot. Basically it was a “feed fight” like those we used to wage against Native Americans when we destroyed their corn fields and slaughtered their buffaloes. The surest way to defeat your enemy is to destroy its production. Indeed, Europe is not our friend, but now an undemocratic technocratic dictatorship of apparatchiks, whose sole purpose is to undermine the United States, by hollowing the country out through job outsourcing, and factory flight. To make it spend on its military, while at the same time hollowing out its manufacturing and destroying the Protestant work ethic upon which Americanism was based. This is like Protestant Tudor England trusting the Papist continent to have their best interests in mind–FAT CHANCE OF THAT.

Never forget precisely who aided the Nazis of the Schutzstaffel to escape. It was the Vatican “rat lines”, and Nazi sympathizers in the United States like Brown Brothers Harriman and Sullivan Cromwell, and their henchman Allen Dulles. Yes, the same Allen Dulles that was named to the Warren Commission to allow the fox to pass judgement on the hen house. How do you spell conflict of interest?


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