Headline of the day: Left’s claim that Trump is ‘threat’ to our country is unhinged nonsense

free trade
With this kind of unfair trade the U.S. will go bankrupt. Globalists might think this is peachy-keen, but this observer would call it pure bollocks.

What Trump is a threat to is globalism. The fascisocialism exported to these shores by the likes of Angela Merkel. Consequently, my own belief is that Donald J. Trump is removing a world threat like none that we have seen since 1933 Berlin.

America stood up then, and Trump is now waking up Americans to Germany’s present day threat. I’m only surprised that Jews have fallen for the globalist malarkey which is nothing more than the Hitler Plan of worldwide amalgamation. The coup de gras being unable to fathom the depths of Germany’s cunning after World War I, and World II.

The Jews say never forget, but that is precisely what they have done. The Nazis never surrendered. They were not a signatory to the peace treaty that ended World War II. The Wehrmacht signed it, but not the Nazis. They have just continued to move forward with a new strategy of trade deals, which are nothing of the sort, but cleverly crafted documents meant to vitiate national sovereignty.

Free trade with Germany will not lead to national prosperity, but only a beachhead from which Germany deindustrializes its trade partners. The ultimate weapon being Germany’s productivity, automation, and efficiency, which will put its competitors out of business. Like the way the United States was deindustrialized during the 1980s by the likes of neoconservative Daniel Bell and the doctrine of the Post Industrial Society.

Bollocks. Pure unadulterated rubbish. Since we pursued globalism real average weekly wages peaked in 1973, and haven’t risen since (when a realistic deflator is employed, see the work of statistician John Williams).


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