Clueless California Commie: Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris


Americans won’t “lose” their health care. It’s not like we left it on the bus. The Republicans are taking it from us.

Don’t take our stuff.

Like, do you mean:
D11 @__sliceoflife__

@redsteeze Apparently, “stuff” does not include your doctor or insurance pre-Obamacare. That “stuff” well…oh well…
12:46 AM – 3 Jul 2017

Dear Kamala, Democrats are basically practicing socialism so taking other people’s stuff is its primary agenda. The only reason insurance companies are dumb enough to insure people with preexisting conditions is that Democrats forced healthy people who didn’t want insurance to buy Obamacare on the penalty of a tax. That is what the Supreme Court ruled as you will recall, that Obamacare’s penalty for not purchasing health insurance amounted to. Which is to say, Democrats were taking money from people to subsidize people with preexisting conditions. That is by any definition a form of socialism.


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