CNN on American voters: Oh no, they’re stupid as shit–Jimmy Carr.

But not so stupid they could not see through the bias of your reporting. The Fake News Network has no longer any credibility, and will pass into history. But I would just argue that CNN should actually be called the Zionist News Network since it appears to work on the proposition it is alright to lie to the American goyim because they have said their Kol Nidre prayers for the year. Yet when Americans become upset with such lies, the Jews maintain it is all Antisemitism. I would argue the opposite; people do not like being lied to over and over. To call Americans “stupid shits” is of course nothing more than to call them dumb cattle that can be manipulated. Though such manipulation runs counter to what it means to be democratic. In short, the Jews actually hate democracy because it was the Weimar democracy that brought Adolf Hitler to power. Yes, democracy is a flawed system of governance, like all forms of government that must balance competing interests, and can be circumvented by the simple act of lying. Meaning the Jews ascribe to the theoretical position of Carl Schmitt, the Nazi jurist, that penned a treatise about the parliamentary system–and therefore have concluded systematic lying is the ticket to getting their political way. Because they ascribe to Schmitt’s way of thinking, you will never hear them mention countervailing thinkers on the subject like Juergen Habermas, and his ideal speech situation. No, what we get instead in the Zionist Fourth Estate is distorted communication or discourse. Not an attempting to reach a real understanding through the public sphere. In fact, it was a Jew, Amos Funkenstein, that urged me to review the thought of Schmitt, and I’m glad I took the time. Because simple lying lies at the heart of fascism. It might even be considered the sine qua non of fascism which is an attempt to bypass unrestrained discourse. My old teacher Harold Garfinkel would have called it an “identifying detail” of fascism’s true moral order. Which is to say fascism is a more subtle form of arm twisting, but nonetheless coercion.


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