What the National Enquirer says about Joe’s feud with Trump

The National ENQUIRER has responded to bombshell claims from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, denying any involvement with the White House to force the MSNBC co-hosts into engaging with President Donald Trump.

“At the beginning of June we accurately reported a story that recounted the relationship between Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the truth of which is not in dispute. At no time did we threaten either Joe or Mika or their children in connection with our reporting on the story. We have no knowledge of any discussions between the White House and Joe and Mika about our story, and absolutely no involvement in those discussions,” Dylan Howard, Chief Content Officer and Vice President for American Media Inc., said in a statement on Friday.

Who knows and who cares? Instead of focusing upon tabloid sleaze perhaps the main stream media would do better to cover the continuing escalation of hostilities in Syria that threatens to bring two nuclear super powers into direct confrontation–Russia and the United States. We are in Syria in violation of international law, and we are shooting down Syrian jets over Syrian airspace. This will not continue on much longer. The Russians will shoot down our jets with their S-400 surface to air defenses. And Putin has said as much. This nonsense shows the neoconservatives are still controlling foreign policy along with elements of the Deep State. There is every reason to believe that Donald J. Trump is not in actual control, and officers in the field are unsure of who is precisely calling the shots–perhaps General Joseph L. Votel of Central Command. From all appearances, it looks like the U.S. is attempting to provoke a general regional war with Russia, Iran, and Syria while at the same time pressing an unbalanced Kim Jong-Un in North Korea. Sooner or later the Deep State will get what they want: World War III. The globalist movement like the National Socialism in Germany must risk a war to save their social movement, as the Germans did in 1938. The smoke and mirrors of the Nazis economic miracle ran out of gas in 1938, as the globalist movement’s economic advance has also stalled here today. The Federal Reserve is in the process of popping the trifecta bubbles it has created in stocks, bonds, and real estate by hiking rates. This is in turn is leading to an exit from technology stocks like Face Book, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. These five stocks, for example, account for most of the move in the stock market because of lax monetary policy. The FANG stocks took a beating the Thursday before the July 4th holiday. The tech sector as a whole fell 1.4 percent. Meanwhile the smart money, Rothschilds, Soros, Druckenmiller et al., are purchasing gold and moving into tangible assets. As the globalists are fond of saying, “It is all unsustainable.”


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