Reposted because of attempted censorship: “How about the Jews? Are they fooled by this dog and pony show?”


No, the Zionists are not cultural dopes. They know precisely what’s goin’ on with globalism. But they stand to benefit from the emigration of American Jews to Israel. That is what they want, and what they need to hold off the demographic challenge of Arabs within Israel. The last thing they desire is for Jews to assimilate to the United State, that then have to be labeled self-hating Jews. Hahahaha. (Do you have that surveillers?) I frankly think Jews like being American like Ernst Hess, Hitler’s commanding officer during World War I, liked being German. A Jew that Hitler, by the way pardoned during World War II. Per chance, might not Hitler have been an assimilated Jew himself, as was proposed by the Office of Strategic Services during World War II? The forerunner to today’s Central Intelligence Agency. More importantly did American authorities tell a fib about Hitler’s demise at the end of World War II. And was there not a tunnel that led from Hitler’s bunker complex to a nearby airport?


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