Russia is close to pulling the trigger on a preemptive strike

America’s “hidden [agenda] in Syria is an attempt to partition this independent nation by military force in violation of international laws. We are trying to link the northeastern part of Syria, which is controlled by the Kurds, with the southeastern part, that is controlled by US-backed al Qaeda forces.

On 9 June, this strategy was dealt a stunning setback when Russian-Syrian-Iranian forces made a lunge for the Syria-Iraq border along a line north of Tanf. This thrust effectively divided US-supported elements from one another—and thus causing US-backed Islamic terror forces becoming trapped south of the new line established by Russia’s allies. They have subsequently been unable to break through without massive US military support.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned the Americans “are playing a very dangerous game.” Reports say US-led international forces continue “to take the heat off” the former Al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria. That is, they are not fighting the terrorists but providing them air support that the Russians will ultimately clash with.

A direct confrontation between two nuclear super powers, long believed a cardinal sin to be avoided in foreign policy. Russia military policy is unambiguously to strike first when a war cannot be evaded. This further suggests that the U.S. government is now in the hands of the Deep State, and that for all intents and purposes, Donald J. Trump has been effectively deposed. This is the last gambit of the globalists, that will will likely destroy the United States as we know it today.

Again, Russia is close to a preemptive first strike.

Note: this is not U.S. foreign policy, but rather Israel’s Zionist Plan for the Middle East, to fracture the region along ethnic lines like a cracked windshield. I would also bet that Israel was actually the impetus behind Donald J. Trump’s election. You are being distracted from the coming war by the Obamacare controversy, but everyone knows it doesn’t matter. Why worry about a million deaths from a botched healthcare system when the country could realistically suffer some 260 million deaths in a nuclear war. Why precisely, a likely CIA front, has been forecasting a massive population reduction in the United States by 2020. Whereas Russia has constructed some 5,000 civil defense shelters for the coming war, the U.S. government has done nothing for its so-called “useless eaters”.

Soviet officials ehhh. . . Russian officials and scientists are rumored to be moving to impregnable bunkers deep inside a mountain in the Ural forests (aka Ozersk).


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