Fed in the process of popping financial bubble

And Donald J. Trump is the perfect scapegoat chump to take the blame.

“It’s interesting that during the entire term where Obama was president, the Fed really only raised rates once. I mean, they raised them a second time, but that’s after the election. Since trump was elected they’ve already had three rate hikes and they’re planning on doing more.

But the low interest rates were part of the problem. The Fed needs to raise interest rates, but when they do that, the economy is going to collapse. The whole bubble, the recovery was phony, we don’t want to keep the phony recovery going. We want to let it implode so we can have a real recovery built on a solid foundation.”–Peter Schiff, June 26, 2017

Hehehehe. The perfect Chinese water torture monetary policy, with plausible deniability. Though it must serve three purposes: 1) it must discredit conservatives; and 2) it must force Trump to go to war with Russia and China; and 3) the war must force Jews to Israel to solve that country’s impending demographic crisis. They just assume their New World Order will emerge from this creative destruction intact. Like all globalist enterprises, they tend to screw up, and will most likely overshoot in their New World Order zeal, like sending the world into a nuclear winter that ends up making Homo sapiens sapiens extinct. But that is the denouement of socialism in the final analysis anyway.


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