CNN retracts fake news

Here is some fake new which is no longer, as CNN spikes the story, of course based upon anonymous sources. The story:

The source said the Senate intelligence committee is investigating the Russian fund in connection with its examination of discussions between White House adviser Jared Kushner and the head of a prominent Russian bank. The bank, Vnesheconombank, or VEB, oversees the fund, which has ties to several Trump advisers. Both the bank and the fund have been covered since 2014 by sanctions restricting U.S. business dealings.

Well, I shed no tears for Mr. Kushner. But such things I think prove the extent to which the so-called Deep State establishment will go to get rid of Mr. Trump. However, why Trump is vilified I think is misplaced. He is vilified because he has mobilized the deplorables to resist globalism, because the deplorables themselves did not know who to strike back against to end their misery. Trump was just a convenient vehicle to express their frustration. The real culprits of their troubles were elsewhere. Specifically, in the Federal Reserve and other central banks controlled by the Rothschilds, and the Military-Industrial-Security Complex (MISC).

As subsequent events and final flip flops have shown, Mr. Trump is pretty much a New York liberal. But he like all other politicos have made the Federal Reserve and MISC untouchable sacred cows. But until the people focus their energies upon the sacred cows, clearly taboo to talk about by the establishment, the troubles of the deplorables will continue unabated. In particular, the Khazarian Mafia banksters will sooner or later collapse the world financial system.

Which pretty much makes this system like the Hindu religion where creation can only emerge from destruction. This appears to be the belief of the Illuminati, the New World Order can emerge like the Phoenix only from the destruction of the old world order. Recall what happened in post Weimar Germany. The banksters used the issue of inequality to turn ordinary Germans impoverished by hyper-inflation against their well heeled countrymen, the Jews. They used tax laws and property confiscation to destroy the livelihood of their neighbors by using simple envy. They made Jewish suffering a means of improving the lot of the common German, and it was this that generated political support for their policies after the general populace was impoverished from financial speculation.

Well, such strategies are not unknown in the Americas. Americans of course used such strategies against Native Americans to take their lands. They were called “feed fights”. Americans would sally out and destroy the corn fields of Native Americans, such that they could not plant and harvest before the winter. Americans destroyed the livelihood of the indigenous tribes to starve them to death, not unlike stripping the Jews of resources through tax laws.

This is why the individual mandate is so important to globalists, and why I think the globalists (both Republican and Democrat) will conspire to preserve it. Once the banksters pull the plug on the economy by tightening monetary policy, they can use the individual mandate for wealth confiscation which they can then say is necessary for the well being of the deplorables to meet its debt obligations. Otherwise, they would have to raise taxes even higher upon the general populace.

By this point, the deplorables should be so angry that they turn upon their neighbors as they did in Germany. Like Hitler, the globalists can use the misery of one group to provide the political support to confiscate the wealth of another group–like the Jews. The powers that be will of course say such events cannot happen here, but if the economy collapses I think that it is highly likely here, because Americans are not that unlike the Germans in hating to see their neighbors get ahead while they are suffering (e.g., the fact 95 million Americans are currently out of the labor force). When that happens, Trump will look like a piker compared to the next demagogue that might come to power to take advantage of the misery of the masses, and assign blame to the Jewish community. This is because they have lost control of the narrative, and the masses are now becoming conscious of the Federal Reserve as being a source of their misery, fronted by such people as Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and now Janet Yellen and Stanley Fischer.

And by the way, this is a likely scenario to drive Americam Jews and self-hating Jews finally to Israel to escape American nationalist reaction, clearly one of the strongest social forces in existence. Which means, if the globalists are successful, that Merkel and Hitler (and I think they are related) will have won World War II. They will have driven pretty much every last Jew to Palestine or Israel which was the Hitler plan when Kurt Tuchler, a member of the Zionist Federation of Germany, and Leopold von Mildenstein, an SS officer traveled together to Palestine to assess the prospects of Judenrein. The last thing the globalists want is to have the Jews thinking they are Americans first, as opposed to being of the Jewish faith. Assimilation must be forbidden, and oh yes, multiculturalism must be in. So much the better to pry them up.


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