Well that didn’t take long . . .

Howls of indignation that I’ve treated Lonzo unfairly. That he merited being a Laker, yadda yadda yadda. To the contrary dear readers, I would place Lonzo well down the list of guards that have gone through the UCLA program. He can’t shoot well, and will shoot even less well with an NBA player in his jersey. But such things can be remedied by getting to the Wooden Center and shooting 500 shots a day. I did not even consider Lonzo necessarily any better than the team oriented, Aaron Holiday, who by the way can really play both ways. And besides I prefer players like Holiday and Norman Powell that get their degrees. But let me just ask the Lonzo maniacs whether they think their savior could out shoot Russsell Westbrook, Reggie Miller, or Gail Goodrich, all guards that attended UCLA. Would I take the guy before someone like Jamaal Wilkes. Hahahaha. You got to be kidding me. The kid needed seasoning, but I don’t think the guy is anywhere near as smart as Wilkes. That’s the way it is with teenagers. So all these UCLA players who think they’re ready for the NBA had better make a beeline for the weight room as well. Me, I like guys like Norman Powell, and Earl Watson that pay their dues, not the one and doners. It’s pure malarkey. Kareem was a number one pick, Walton was a number one pick, Dave Meyers was a number one pick, The question for Ball is whether he can even be mentioned with a number three pick like Marques Johnson. And of those three number one picks, Kareem and Meyers became upstanding citizens . . . well, the motor mouth Walton isn’t really such a bad guy when he wasn’t breaking light bulbs in Dykstra Hall.


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