Taka’s take on the NBA draft

Don’t care much about what happens in the politically correct NBA, but I do take an interest in the PAC-12. And based upon what I saw, the best PAC-12 freshman in the draft was Arizona’s Lauri Markkanen. He in my opinion made many people look foolish in the PAC-12. Therefore, Chicago ended up with the best college player in the draft, after trading for Markkanen, and dealing away Jimmy Butler. The guy has size, strength, and shooting range, and would have gone to waste behind Karl Anthony Townes. The second best PAC-12 player after Markkanen was Dillon Brooks. A player with excellent one-on-one skills, and an unbelievable motor. He draws people into fouling him, and there is absolutely no one who puts forth more effort. So Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball should have gone lower, though Fultz, like Brooks, is a tremendous one-on-one player. Ball by contrast would have prospered in an up-and-down offense that pushes the ball. He would have been the perfect point guard for former Laker coach and now Houston Rockets, Mike D’Antoni, and James Harden would have had a field day spotting up. Ball is a very good on-ball defender, and anticipates the passing lanes well . . . well, like Jerry West once did. After these players, I personally like Tyler Dorsey, it was shameful he was not taken in the first two rounds. He can flat out stretch the floor with his shooting, The steal of the draft, Oregon center Jordan Bell by the Chicago Bulls. The guy was a man among boyz. UCLA didn’t win the PAC-12, it was Oregon, for a reason. Their players were incredibly tough minded.


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