Lynch to Comey: don’t call it an investigation, but a matter

Paul Sperry of The New York Post reports:

Under sworn questioning, Comey has veered off the topic of President Trump and Russia and revealed several damning incidents in which his predecessor’s administration politically interfered in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. And now the Senate will investigate Team Obama for obstruction of justice.

Specifically, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced last week it will hold hearings to “examine then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s involvement in the Clinton email server investigation.”

The findings of the powerful panel, which has oversight of the Justice Department and FBI, could lead to a separate criminal investigation and the naming of another special counsel . . .

If Barry is smart he’ll lie low. Instead of “lock her up,” maybe we should be saying “lock him up.” This Russia clap-trap is fantastic, because it is the Democrats being caught in their web of lies. The whole damn party is unraveling, for no other reason that they lack the moral maturity to be part of a democracy. They are a party trapped within a fraternity and sorority mentality of committing sophomoric pranks–and then having them blow up in their faces. Sort of like the Marx Brothers: Vladimir, Leon, and Joseph.


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