Angela Merkel’s real objective . . .


Hitler Admired Islam and lamented that Islam had not conquered Germany in the 8th Century.

Today, Ms. Merkel is attempting to complete Hitler’s admiration of Islam, some even believe that Hitler came upon the idea of the final solution from the Islamic extermination of Armenians.

And we can also see that the greatest threat to National Socialism was precisely assimilation, and not multiculturalism. Those that promote multiculturalism, i.e., identity politics, are in truth promoting a soft version of apartheid.

These same persons now wish to import Islamofascism firmly committed to the murder of Western Civilization. I am not buying it, according to surveys, neither are the American people who continue to back Donald J. Trump’s policy of extreme vetting. Under their daft logic we could be at war with another country and enemy aliens would be permitted to sue in our courts to gain permission to travel to our country. Get real! The Democrats are hopelessly lost in fantasyland.

For example, according to Rasmussen, one of the few pollsters that got Trump’s victory right in the 2016 election, a solid 57 percent of Americans support Trump’s travel ban.

I would argue the obvious, when you bomb a people as we have the Arabs, we are at war with them, plain and simple. You can call the nonsense all you want, but Arabs are not fooled by your rhetoric when they are observably dying. What we have done is empowered Islam that has always wished to exterminate Western Civilization–and not surprisingly the Jews as the Grand Mufti of Islam once advised Adolf Hitler.

What the globalists wish to do is to use Islamofascism as the instrument of destroying national sovereignty, and the Western States that emerged after the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. Obviously, it would be better to fight them over “there” as opposed to in your own backyard. Or even better, to stay in your own backyard, and leave the freakin’ Arabs to practice their way of life as they see fit over “there”.

And believe it or not, Americans do have a way of life and Constitution which is incompatible with Sharia Law, and the Arabs can stick their Sharia Law where the sun doesn’t shine. So,when in Rome do as the Romans do–and assimilate.


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