Fake News Network and Libtards get their arses handed to them

Karen Handel mops the floor with Ossoff.

glumfnnA glum Fake Network News panel can’t hide their disappointment and dumbfoundedness as Georgia election returns come in. It showed, I think, fake news like the Trump/Russia collusion malarkey turn voters off. More importantly I consider it a repudiation of the liberal Jewish American community that has been pushing this Russia malarkey. Anyway, this is confirmation of what can only be called blowback. These special elections are now becoming a referendum on the Democrat Party, and its dodgy former president, Barack Obama. Hopefully, Ms. Handel will join with other fellow Americans and begin to push through the president’s domestic agenda instead of that of Paul Ryan. The best of all possible outcomes would be Paul Ryan’s defeat to anti-globalist Paul Nehlen. There is nothing more urgent than to purge each and every globalist from American government, and restore the country to the people.


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