Slice and dice = lower real wages

At one time the goal of the Democratic Party was to empower the working class and increase general prosperity through gains in real per capita income. And the goals of the Republican Party, representing business, was not surprisingly to lower wages and maximize their profits. Ergo, the strategy of the Republicans was to lower class solidarity of the working class, reduce their power, shifting said power from the workers to business. Enter, identity politics. Identity politics is designed, willfully and purposefully, to fracture worker solidarity and increase the power of business interests over other segments of society. This has been achieved since the 1980s using the strategy of divide and conquer. And it could not have occurred without the complicity of the Democratic Party.
real earnings
As we can see above, the balance of class forces using identity politics has been shifted from workers to capital. When a proper deflator is used for wages (i.e., the methods used prior to Bill Clinton), we can see that real per capita income has declined steadily since the mid 1970s. Which is to say, America became a zero sum game, where the advances of capital came out of the hide of workers. Not just the white working class, but workers of all color, creeds, and sexual orientation. Keeping the workers divided along identity politics, as opposed to recognizing that we are all just workers, has been a sweetheart strategy for reducing the power of the majority and maximizing the power of capital. Their wealth has increased exponentially while that of workers have fallen. The completion of this project would occur with the move away from democracy to a new technocracy. This is the New World Order–thought up originally by the Bildebergers and the creation of the European Common Market that has now morphed into the European Union, where democracy is mouthed, but not practiced. This is the ideal that the forces of corporatism are within reach of achieving save for the emergence of Donald J. Trump.

Yes, I support Trump because I am not a cultural dope. I know what my real class interests are, and they do not mesh with that of capital. Why the twain between workers and what I would call the “identifiers” will not meet–yet.


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