The hard truth about the medical profession . . . given my latest hospitalization

A repost from March 2, 2017 in light my most recent hospital stay.

During Trump’s address to Congress, the Democrats could not even applaud when Trump said he represents the American people, not the world. This is because the Democrats actually do not represent their constituents.

They cannot even solve local problems like education and healthcare, but imagine they can solve the ills of the world. I don’t think so. It is just a means to avoid accountability on real issues that confront ordinary Americans, for which they have no answers or any strategy.

For example on the issue of healthcare instead of putting forth a single payer system, known as the Bismarck model first introduced in the Sickness Insurance Act of 1883 in Germany, Barack Obama was in bed the health insurance industry. In point of fact ObamaCare was designed to fail, and to allow golden parachutes to health insurance executives on the way out. Having health insurance is not the same as having good health, that happened when physicians had private practices and were the pillars of the community.

The other thing is that strategically, copying the Germans, national health insurance was designed to unify the country around an issue. In Germany when Bismarck put forth national health insurance there were 234 principalities and duchies that needed to be unified around something. National health went from private doctors with private practices treating the maladies of individual patients to medicine concerned with the national health of the nation. Germany being a militaristic state, the Kaiser and Bismarck were rightly concerned about the fighting trim of its population, and of course, how many soldiers it could put into the field.

Over time mentally deficient, and the physically diseased no longer met the national goals of a healthy populace and were actually exterminated (i.e., 350,000 Germans were sterilized, 70,000 people with physical or mental handicaps “euthanized” in gas chambers. The latter figure is only for the period from January 1940 to August 1941; even more than that were killed in the informal euthanasia program launched after this time). That is, the Germans purposefully employed medicine for weeding out the infirm.

Well, we know where this concern for the national health of the nation led, it led to methods for the mass extermination of the Jews. That is, the politicization of medicine to cause harm to others for distinctly political purposes. Ergo, the politicization of medicine contradicts the Hippocratic maxim of “do no harm”. It destroys the trust between patient and doctor that allows the medical profession to even exist. And all the while Nazi scientists and doctors claimed they were adhering to Nazi values. Yes, they had special values that made them superior to common decency.

Today as well, we see the mandate of compulsory vaccines though this flies in the face of individual choice. Again, this is because of doctors no longer working for themselves, but for larger organizations or the state itself where the national health benchmarks take precedence over the individual. This is but a bridge to the same abuses of medicine we saw in Germany when Hitler finally arrived on the scene. But the heavy lifting had already been done by Otto von Bismarck’s national health insurance. Hitler simply used what was already developed to justify the practice of medicine for political ends.

And not surprisingly, Commie California leads the nation in the politicization of medicine with its Stalinist political correctness. Remembering always that Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were all of Jewish heritage.

The medical practitioners at my latest stay being something of a slapstick Erving Goffman crew, attempting to destroy the face of patients in the everyday presentation of self. Truly laughable and amateurish. But it does indicate people are under surveillance to learn the presentation of people’s self through face saving rituals. Surveillance which is clearly in violation of the Fourth Amendment, perhaps using the camera on your laptop. What precisely one should expect from a totalitarian state under Barack Obama. To ferret out the surveillance, just use some disgusting face debasing habit that they will present back to you in hopes of destroying your god of the self. Yes, I am under constant surveillance most likely Jewish, and attached in some way to Barack Obama. To use Ripley’s quip: believe it or not. No, I am not impressed by popularized sociology. Finally, medical practitioners are not even familiar with common maladies related to chronic renal disease, like the following:

Adv Chronic Kidney Dis. 2004 Oct;11(4):342-7.
Outcomes associated with hypogonadism in men with chronic kidney disease.
Palmer BF1.
Author information

Chronic kidney disease is commonly accompanied by disturbances in the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Such disturbances in men give rise to hypogonadism and low circulating testosterone levels. The deficiency in testosterone can contribute to clinical outcomes such as sexual dysfunction, decreased bone mineralization, malnutrition and decreased muscle mass, and anemia. The administration of androgens to nonuremic hypogonadal men is usually effective in treating such outcomes. By contrast, the response to therapy in uremic men tends to be much less predictable. This variability in response is not surprising, because these same clinical outcomes can be the result of other aspects of the uremic state or the comorbid conditions that are frequently present in men with chronic kidney disease. Although further studies are needed, testosterone therapy may prove most useful as an adjunct to other more general therapies designed to address the uremic state.

Again an indication of physician incompetence.


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